Stop Moving Wrong

Before I go any further the 3 people in the photo above do move well, they just all happen to be sitting in their right hip….

This may sound creepy, but I know how you stand, walk, drive and sleep. In the human body, there are chains of muscle that work together to drive movement, of these many chains some are likely overactive due to muscular site attachment and neuromuscular function.

It is probable you:

  • Sleep on the right side or you may lean to the right in any sleeping position with your left leg turned out.  You may also have the left knee further out than the right knee (in a bent knee position)
  • Drive with your left leg turned our (with knee bent or with knee straight) and a slight rotation to the right
  • Sit back in your right hip or forward in your left hip and with a small rotation to the right (this includes left foot turned our right foot turned in)
  • You may not notice but… walking in your right hip shortening the swing time of your right arm

The Chains (A Basic Overview)

The two chains I will briefly talk about are the brachial chain (specifically the right one) and the anterior interior chain (specifically the left one). The brachial chain (BC) has an influence on the neck, shoulder, and breathing dynamics. The anterior interior chain (AIC) affects the pelvic girdle position, torso position/motion, spinal position/movement, ribcage position, and the position of the knee and ankle joints.

Needless to say, these two chains of muscle have a significant effect on our body movement.  This overactive right BC and left AIC cause a torso to rotate to the right and the weight to be shifted into the right hip usually with the right leg slightly turned in and the left leg slightly turned out. It is not that moving into your right hip is bad, what’s bad is not being able to shift IN AND OUT of the right and left hip

Why Knowing Not To Move Like This Is Important

If you repeatedly sleep, drive, walk, and stand like this that is a lot of time drilling one specific motor pattern into your head, and since this is the popular pattern you will perform motions that require better mechanics to perform well and avoid injury. For example, it is not good for performance and injury prevention to sit in only the right hip for lifting, running, biking, other daily activities, and sports. So chances are you like to do one of those things so if you want to stop the pain when you run or perform better on the field of sport, being able to shift into both hips is important.

Shift into both hips can help you avoid injury and play better. If you want to learn more visit or youtube/google search PRI exercises.




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